Approved by the Minnesota Board of Executives for Long-Term Services and Supports (BELTSS) with an MN22-92223.

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Dedicated to you and your loved ones with the heart of our care.
Caregiver and an elder woman in a wheelchair both smiling

Who Are We?

Woodcrest Assisted Living delivers quality care in a home-like environment. We are here to provide 24/7 supervision and assistance to the residents who reside at Woodcrest, which is a setting with a therapeutic environment where residents can feel at home. The residents will be given respect, compassion, integrity, and dignity. The families of Woodcrest residents will have peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being taken care of by our compassionate staff.

Woodcrest Assisted Living is approved and licensed by the Minnesota Board of Executives for Long Term Services and Supports (BELTSS). This certifies the credibility of our services as we comply with minimum professional standards required by the Board.

Mission Statement

Woodcrest Assisted Living will provide exemplary service and care. The services will be delivered by specially trained staff in a comfortable, residential setting. We will make everything possible to promote and enhance the dignity, self-esteem, and individuality of each resident while providing services in a true home setting.

A little bit about Kayla Thoennes, Owner of Woodcrest Assisted Living

I am Married to my highschool sweetheart, we have been married since 2008. We have one child together Mason who was born in 2010. My husband serves his community as a volunteer Carlos Firefighter for the last 12 years. He is a forman in his family business of Thoennes Masonry, LLC and has done this line of work for 23 years and counting.

For fun, we enjoy going racing on Saturdays at the viking speedway and going on our mini family vacations.

My Past Experience

lady and senior smiling

I have worked in serving our elderly since 2005. I started my journey as a caregiver in 2005 at a 20 bed assisted living serving those with memory loss, The company then seen my potential and put me through courses to be their food manager and soon after completing the courses they offered me a position as their Dietary Director, Not much long after that they offered me a position to be their Assistant Director. After years of hard work and dedication they offered me the Executive Housing Director position. I realized my full potential and decided it was my time to take my life long dream and make it a reality what now is “Woodcrest Assisted living”.

I am an active member of Leading Age of Minnesota.

I am an active member in Educare Training Solutions by mirabelle management.

I am Food safe serve licensed with Minnesota.

I am an active member in the Alzheimer’s Awareness programs.

I have grandparents who have the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s/Dementia. I am the guardian of one grandmother who currently resides at my home Woodcrest.
I personally understand the deep concern to finding the right place to age in peace for a loved one.

I was meant to care for others and that is just what I have set out to do. God gave me a gift and now, it’s my time to give back to our aging generation who greatly deserve to be pampered.

I was that little girl who loved the company of her aging neighbor and enjoyed his stale cookies. I had an amazing companionship with him, he suffered from memory loss and thankfully always did remember me. I would go to his house everyday after school, I cleaned for him and cooked what I knew how to of course.

My compassionate heart led me to this elderly man who had Alzheimer’s and lived alone and it made a difference to be there for him.

It was a routine visit to his house one day. There he laid on the floor barely breathing. Grabbing for me and silently saying, Help Me. I called 911 quickly. I saved his life that day. I made a difference and it felt good. Since that day, I have always had a compassion towards the elderly and I always will. They are special people, fragile, kind and so much to learn from.

You have my word that I am here for you and your loved one. I want open communication with my families and with the residents who reside at Woodcrest.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we can be of service to your senior loved ones, please feel free to reach us whenever is convenient for you.

Also, you can have access to more information about Woodcrest Assisted Living by simply downloading our Family & Resident Handbook, Housing with Services Contract and Full Emergency Plan.